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Want to See Your Aura?

How to See Your Aura

Before diving into the fun stuff of actually seeing your own aura, it seems appropriate to start with a definition as to what your aura actually is.

Cambridge Dictionary defines an aura as:

“a type of light that some people say they can see around people and animals

But What Are They?

Auras are part of what is known as the “energetic body”, so called because it is believed to be made up of an electromagnetic field of energy outside of the physical body. Essentially, when you see an aura, whether your own or someone else’s, you are seeing a person’s life-force energy, otherwise known as “prana” or “chi”.

A Sign of Psychic Abilities

If you are able to see auras, this is deemed to be a type of psychic ability – clairvoyance i.e. the ability to see something that is beyond our usual 5 senses, to have extra-sensory perception or ESP. Some people naturally have this ability whilst others have to work harder to develop it, much like other skills such as singing or painting.

Some believe that the aura is made up of 7 layers ranging outwards from the physical body, whilst others see only one layer but, regardless of layers, the general view seems to be that both our moods and mental, physical and spiritual states do have an impact on the colour an aura is perceived to be.

Chakra Connection

Most people that believe and see auras, myself included, consider them directly related to chakras. Whilst there is a lot of detailed information on the meaning of the colours, I prefer to relate them directly to my understanding of chakras and their colour meanings. You can find out more information on what chakras are and the colours and meanings here:

The Technique

The way that I see auras is that I concentrate usually on a person’s head or on myself, on my hand, preferably against a plain coloured background. I then let my eyes lose focus (a bit like looking at a “Magic Eye” picture) until I can see a glowing white outline around them. After holding my gaze for a short while, I can then glimpse certain shades or colours, with brighter shades being more “healthy” than say a murkier or muddy hue.

Why not give it a try on your own hand held up a metre or so away from a plain wall and see if you can spot your own aura.

(I would also just add that I don’t recommend practising this for too long at a time as otherwise it can cause headaches after a very short while).

If you have a pre-existing health condition, I would always recommend speaking with your health care practitioner before trying any new practice. If you experience any adverse symptoms whilst trying to see your aura, you should also stop immediately.


Blogging Stats: Week 3

Blogging Stats: Week 3

This is a rolling-post so for those of you who want to check out Blogging Stats: Week 1, followed by Week 2, head there first (links below) as Week 1 especially contains a breakdown of my understanding of the terminology, which as a newbie blogger can feel a bit like learning a foreign language:

Average daily visitors: 30 visitors

Week 3 saw the average daily visitors double from 15 just last week to 30 per day this week which I’m very happy with, especially considering that last week this figure had dropped by 5 per day.

Average daily views: 50 views

Up 15 per day from Week 2 so this continues to grow too. Hopefully, there’s enough content built up on there now for this to continue to grow over the next 7 days.

Average daily Views Per Visitor (VPV): 1.6 article views per visitor

This result is more in line with Week 1 so a drop down from Week 2’s 2.3 VPV, but as many visitors to the site will have already read some of the articles on there, this is probably to be expected. Will be good to see how the stats look in Week 4 to see if there’s any patterns emerging.

Average new daily followers: 2.5 new followers

Half an extra follower per day increase so moving up from 14 overall last week to 17 – really happy that this continues to grow.

Average daily likes: 13.5 daily likes

This has been another pleasing result, up 3 on last week.

Social media referrals: Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, Instagram, Search Engines and Mail Signups

This has dropped back down to more like Week 1 at 169 this week. Can’t say I’ve been all that surprised as it’s much in line with some frustrating Instagram issues. This week’s seen followers on Instagram hit 200 before falling back down to 125, falling victim to the old follow/unfollow technique. Having said that, I’m happy that the 125 followers on there are like-minded people, rather than people trying to raise their own status only.

A big help with this has been the Follow Cop app. I only use it to sniff out the follow/unfollow folk myself and so far I’m pretty impressed – I’m happy to support fellow Instagrammers – just not so keen on being used to bump someone else’s figures who then promptly drops me and mine! With this kind of technology out there, I strongly recommend avoiding the follow/unfollow technique. It’s really a complete waste of everyone’s time in my view and easily identified and dealt with so I’m not sure what it achieves.

Average posts per day: 2 average posts daily

Remains stable but still a fairly gruelling schedule given that I work full-time teaching Law and I’ve 2 kids as well, but I’m looking at drafting an Editorial Calendar to better manage my time (more on this below). Given that the blog continues to grow quicker than expected, I’m reluctant to drop this down at this stage so will have to find a way instead to better manage time and energy going forward or risk lowered stats.

Other Points:

A key strategy for me this week was to continue building on relationships being built with fellow bloggers on WordPress and I therefore applied to join a Facebook bloggers’ group at the start of Week 3. I’m really pleased to be a part of that now, as it’s a great way to support others and receive help and guidance from others more knowledgeable and experienced.

Apart from the VPV and social media referral results, pretty much all other stats continued to move upwards this week which has been amazing – I honestly can’t believe it’s only been 3 weeks! One of the best results from Week 3 which isn’t represented above, has been reader engagement with my first post comments (from someone not in my family) – and I’ve loved it. It’s very rewarding to know that your posts may well be helping others on their journey, as well as being given helpful advice myself from a reader so thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read, like, comment, follow or share any of the content. These things really have motivated me this week when at times I haven’t had the energy to keep up with the fairly frantic pace I’ve set myself.

I haven’t really been paying too much attention to countries reached until this week, but was happily surprised to see that the blog reached 24 different countries in its third week – never expected it to be that many so again very humbling.

Strategy for Week 4? More of the same, but, as indicated above, to manage my time and energy more efficiently by creating an Editorial Calendar as suggested by WordPress’ Branding Tips. I hope that this will be beneficial to those readers who have favourite topics by giving them a better idea as to when they can expect these to be posted too – we’re all busy people, right?


Genuinely delighted with Week 3 progress; the blog continues to grow quicker than anticipated with more interaction from the audience far sooner than expected. The best stat this week was the visitor increase. Happy to continue to be in a growth period and very grateful indeed to everyone supporting.

Designing an Editorial Calendar is the next big strategy for me as this will help me manage my time and energy, as well as the readers’, and frees up time for me to interact with fellow bloggers as we continue to build relationships and assist one another.

I intend to take another weekly inventory next Sunday where a comparison with Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 can be made. I hope that you can join me then if any of this has helped. If you’re a blogger, let me know how your Week 3 has been in the comments and let’s continue on our blogging journey together.

Until next week….

It goes without saying that as I only launched my first blog 3 weeks ago, I have no doubt made several errors above, however, these are my insights based on my understanding at the time of writing.