May 2019

May 2019

4 May 2019

Looking back to my last journal entry, I can confirm that the car trouble really wasn’t that bad and was resolved by Tuesday morning. I may have overreacted!

Today managed to get outside with Mia Grace for a bit of outdoor yoga. Living in Manchester, England, you gotta take your chances for this when you can! Outdoor yoga is something I tried for only the second time a few weeks ago, the first being whilst on holiday in Crete so not really the same thing – wasn’t quite as warm and sunny today. Can’t say I minded though – as much as I love doing yoga indoors, experiencing it outdoors is a very different kettle of fish. Definitely more challenging on the balance poses when the wind blows and my garden is on a slight slope. But well worth it when the sun came out from behind the clouds and we could feel its warmth on our faces – bliss!

I’ve spent a good deal of time this bank holiday weekend trying to get familiar with Instagram which I’ve just joined – I know – very late to the party! I have to say pretty much loving it so far. Feel free to follow along on there for more frequent uploads:

Tomorrow sees us take Gerald and Gizmo, the guinea pigs, off to the vets for their check-up. I think they’re doing just fine. Head over to the home page to see them “zooming” and/or “popcorning” this evening – basically when they run and/or jump about as an expression of joy, according to a Google search. Adorable!

Now that the weather’s warming up, we’re also trying to think of a venue for a family day out. This time of year is perfect for visiting places like Martin Mere Wetland Centre which is the hot contender for me so far and based on the Lancashire coastline. Previously, we’ve found it really good for younger and older children. I remember it as my first ever school trip and last time we went, Mia Grace was only very young and she was the first to spot a frog wandering about! Chloe Faye tends to be happy wherever there are animals and/or birds.

Hopefully, we’ll have made our mind up by my next entry….


Carla Michelle x

11 May 2019

We’ve decided on a family trip to Martin Mere at the next bank holiday weekend. Spring time really is the best time of year to visit with all the babies and hopefully better weather. Watch out for a post on this at the end of the month.

Gerald and Gizmo have had their check-up and both seem to be doing very well indeed. They’re certainly lively enough!

I had planned to get outside and get some gardening done today but the weather was against me. I just about managed to get some new solar powered fairy lights up when the heavens opened! Try again tomorrow!

Instead we headed indoors and I built up the stove fire to use some new “coffee logs” I’d discovered whilst wandering around B&Q – I have to say I was pretty impressed with these; they were pretty cheap at around £8.00 for 16 logs and packaged in a paper bag with the logs themselves being made from recycled coffee. I love finding little treasures like these as it shows me that the world is finally starting to move in the right direction environmentally-speaking.

I’ve also managed to make a start on the herb garden I’ve been wanting to make progress on for some time. Whilst in the garden centre earlier today, I invested in some thyme, oregano and parsley. I can’t wait to add these to some home-cooked meals now.

In other news, I’ve now set up a Facebook page for the site: – feel free again to follow along on there as well as or instead of on Instagram and Pinterest. Hopefully it will be another useful tool to bring our community of like-minded souls together to share with one another our top tips for a slower-paced, more chilled but happier lifestyle.

I’ve got a few more pages to add to the site before it can be launched – hoping for an end of May/beginning of June launch date. – exciting times!

Until next time…

Carla Michelle x

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