Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

As you may have seen from our recent posts, we’ve recently become the proud owners of two guinea pigs, Gerald and Gizmo.

We have had guinea pigs and a rabbit before so have a fair idea of what’s involved. I can’t wait to get to know our little pigs better and get to see their individual characters.

Already they seem to have a routine and it’s only been a few days which I’m taking to be a good sign that they’ve settled into their new surroundings well.

We’ve an open kitchen/dining area that’s fairly large so we’ve chosen to place them on the opposite side away from the dining table and so far, they seem to be most active when we’re all sat in there each evening, cooking tea and eating together. Guinea pigs are known for being sociable pets and it’s really nice chatting away, hearing them squeaking or running about in the background.

So far, they’ve enjoyed being treated to a strawberry or two and a handful of spinach. I’ve been reading an interesting article on the PDSA site about strategically hiding bits of food for them to hunt out as a bit of a game-like replication of what life in the wild would be like for them.

Probably the most time-consuming part of having guinea pigs is the time involved in cleaning them out and keeping on top of cage maintenance. Whilst these are great pets to have in the home where a dog or cat is not possible, and it’s great for children to learn how to care for a pet, we know from experience that children will often need adult help with their pet responsibilities so do bear that in mind if you’re thinking of investing in your own little pigs.

No doubt more articles on Gerald and Gizmo will follow – they’re due a check up in the next few days with the vet just to make sure that they’re doing fine. I’ll pop a post on then to update you on their progress!

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