Garden & Wildlife

Garden & Wildlife

Moving to our new home has really helped us connect with our surroundings.

Not only are we lucky enough to have a large garden with active wildlife including butterflies, bees, birds, squirrels and even fox cubs, we also live close to natural beauty spots meaning wildlife is on our doorstep pretty much all of the time.

I’ve downloaded the free i-naturalist app which I highly recommend for those of you wanting to find out more about wildlife in your area as it comes up with useful suggestions as to what the app thinks you’ve taken a picture of as well as a vibrant online community who will make suggestions to you. If two or more people agree on the species identity, your photo will be bumped up to research grade for use by scientists. Talk about feeling a part of something bigger!

This app has totally inspired me to take walks in my local neighbourhood to see what I could spot and Mia loved it too! Fresh air, no internet (I take photos and upload later), peace and quiet, surrounded by nature all for free and easily accessible. It’s even contributed to this site – the photo of the forget-me-nots above was taken by myself on said walks!

I’ve recently looked into making my own herbal teas from the plants in my garden too. I’ve already spotted nettles in one patch that could be tamed down a bit as well as cutting the raspberry plant back and using its leaves in my own home-made herbal tea. That’s led to me reusing an old cleaned out coffee jar as a raspberry leaf tea jar and for me is what holistic living is all about – taking all these different areas of your life and integrating them in a way that helps you feel nourished and connected.

How could you adapt this to your own interests? Let me know in the comments below.

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