What’s Your Vibe Quiz

What’s Your Soul’s Energy Vibe?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, or even done, an online quiz on the site so, if you’ve got 5 minutes to kill and a burning desire to know what your soul’s energy vibe is, why not follow the link and find out? https://play.howstuffworks.com/quiz/whats-your-souls-energy-vibe?utm_source=share-copy&utm_medium=referral

I got:

Healing Vibe

When you answered our questions, your soul was open and giving. You give off such a kind and healing vibe that a lot of your energy seems to be focused around wellness. People feel drawn to your calm nature, and you are always there to lend a hand. Your friends have learned that your brand of caring is rare, and they cherish your soul’s energy!”

Kind of interesting given the purpose of this site!

I’d love to know what you got in the comments and if you think your results were accurate.

Want to Feel Younger?

The Real Secret to Eternal Youth

Whilst many of us may tell ourselves that age is just a number, the message we receive externally is often very different. Books, magazines, films, TV shows and adverts repeatedly allude to our supposed innate desire for eternal youth. And why not – who doesn’t want to both look and feel younger from time to time?

Of course, there are all manner of products and gimmicks out there promising to knock years off our appearance in an effort to encourage us to part with our hard-earned cash, many of which may well even work. But such products are likely to be, quite literally, only skin deep and, as such, are of limited usefulness in our ongoing quest for the fountain of youth.

What’s the alternative?

Well hopefully something that has you glowing from the inside out – playing! As George Bernard Shaw famously stated:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”.

George Bernard Shaw

I don’t know about you but that quote definitely has the ring of truth in it for me! How often these days do we just “play” for the sake of playing? Not to amuse the kids or because it’s a team-building day at work, but like we used to when we were kids – for no other reason than for the pure fun of it?

I suppose that now we’re “grown-ups” we’re all far too busy and important to take the time to play. It’s actually quite amusing just how seriously most of us take ourselves on a day-to-day basis over things that, in the grand scheme of things, really just don’t matter. Amusing, if not a little ironic really for those of us who do want to look and feel a little younger!

Learning how to play

Sounds strange doesn’t it but I would think most of us haven’t played for fun in a long, long time! So you might wonder where to start. I accidentally came across a good place to start last weekend when my 8-year old daughter was invited to a party at Total Ninja, an indoor obstacle course. With 2 hours to kill whilst she was at the party, my husband and I decided we thought it looked fun and might as well have a go too. So much fun! http://www.totalninja.co.uk/

Wow, used muscles that I’d forgotten I had and I’m still feeling it 4 days on but well worth it just to remind myself to just run about and have fun occasionally – even if I did have to come home and have a nap to recover afterwards!

So, maybe the real secret to eternal youth is to make time to play – be sure to share this secret with someone you think might need to hear it and remember:

β€œKeep adventuring and stay not a grown-up.”  

J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan
Clock Deadline

Life Hack #3

Beat the Clock!

We’ve all done it I’m sure – had some looming deadline creep closer and closer but somehow you just can’t muster the motivation to get the job boxed off.

Well head over to Life Hack #2:


and get your motivational playlist built whilst you’re busy procrastinating. Then once you’ve done that, head back here to combine Life Hacks #2 and #3 and finally get that one job you’ve been putting off for ages off your to-do list for good!

Life Hack #3

Bring up the timer on your phone and set it for 10 minutes. Press start – see how much you can get through of your task in 10 minutes. Repeat until task complete – easy!

With your motivational playlist urging you on, you’ll get that task you love to hate finished in no time.

And more often than not, I frequently find, the task is never as bad as I imagined it to be πŸ™‚

Life Hack #4 – coming soon…

woman girl phone headphones music

Life Hack #2

Get Inspired

If you followed Life Hack #1 and organised your work space hopefully you’re feeling inspired to try Life Hack #2 – a good all-rounder hack.

If you’ve yet to take a look at Life Hack #1 get it here: https://myholisticliving.co.uk/2019/08/15/life-hack-1/

Life Hack #2

Needing some inspiration to get back to the gym, get on with smashing some life goals or even just getting out of bed?

Make a motivational playlist to get you pumped up and raring to go.

I’ve already added

  • Survivor – Eye of the Tiger;
  • Eminem – Rap God;
  • Iggy Azalea – Work;
  • Limp Bizkit – Rollin’; and
  • Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade

Just what I needed to get me ready for Monday! What made your playlist? What did it help you get done?

Life Hack #3 – coming soon…

Which Witch Are You Quiz

Which Witch Are You?

What’s Your Witch-Type?

Much like everyone else, witches and their beliefs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you consider yourself a witch or not, definitely interesting to see which type you’re similar too.

Examples I am probably most familiar with, and described only in basic and general terms, below include:

Traditional Witch:

Studying the craft in a traditional time-honoured sense especially in their locality. Many modern-day witches practice in this way as Traditional Witches. May include a Ceremonial Witch, strongly rooted to ritual and often calling on other beings.

Hereditary Witch:

The Hereditary Witch is born into the craft with practices mainly handed down through generations but still ability to work individually as well. Likely to be more traditional overall.

Kitchen Witch:

Someone using oils, food, cooking and regular goods to work their magick, rituals and spells. I always think of spells as recipes so could be anyone who’s ever followed a food recipe that technically has experienced this to some extent. The difference of course with a Kitchen Witch is that they are consciously aware of how to use and apply these skills to a variety of situations and enjoys doing so.

Solitary Witch:

As the name suggests a witch who chooses to work her magick alone or has yet to find a coven to work with. Blends well with other witch-types. Some believe that Solitary Witches are witches who have been reincarnated, whose knowledge and abilities become available to them upon entering adolescence.

Hedge Witch:

Believed capable of “hedge-jumping” between other worlds and a messenger is the Hedge Witch. Includes working with the elements, astral-projection and/or herbs. May be where the “broomstick” idea came from.

Eclectic Witch:

An Eclectic Witch draws on all different traditions, religions, practices and culture to operate. Makes their own rules. May or may not believe in a deity. More “free styled”.

Other Types of Witch:

Of course, a quick Google check shows that there are literally dozens more that are less familiar to me, including Cosmic or Dianic.

There are also witches that follow a certain founder such as Gerald Gardner, aka the “Father of Wicca”, Wicca being generally considered the modern-day practice of the religion of witchcraft within relatively structured parameters.

Reading through the above list is helpful if you think you could be a mix of more than one. If you’re more interested in just seeing which you’re most like for a bit of fun, I’ve linked to a quiz below on a site I like, MagiQuiz:


I got Solitary which didn’t surprise me too much but I’d say I’m probably pretty Eclectic too with a splash of Kitchen Witch thrown in for good measure!

Would be great to hear what you got too and if it seemed accurate?

Apple computer white clean desk

Life Hack #1

Less Mess = Less Stress

After a few days annual leave, it was back to work today so only fitting that Life Hack #1 was a work-life hack.

Life Hack #1

Organise your work space. If you hot desk, organise your work bag and/or desktop.

If you don’t need it out that day then put it away!

Try it just for today – I started work 10 minutes early to do this to help get my mind back in work mode and immediately felt more organised.

Strongly recommended after time off!

Life Hack #2 – coming soon…

Third Eye

What’s Your Secret Psychic Power?

What “Clair” Are You?

Said to mean “clear”, your “Clair” is what type of vibes or energies come through most clearly to you. Clairvoyance, for example, means clear-seeing so this could be someone who has had full on visions or premonitions or maybe even just snippets of information are seen by them that they aren’t able to fully understand the meaning of immediately.

Further Examples:

Clairaudient: Someone who receives their guidance, messages, intuition, and the like from an inner voice is said to be clairaudient.

Clairsentient: Someone who gets “gut feelings”, an empath who “picks up” on energy around them, other people’s moods or senses a connection to a person or building.

Claircognizant: Where someone receives their messages through an inner knowing often referred to as “downloads” or maybe someone who knows something that they cannot explain where that knowledge comes from.

There are said to be many other types of clair such as clairalience (clear-smelling) and, one I only learned of today, clairgustance (clear-eating!).

To be psychic is to have a way of receiving and understanding the information you are bombarded with on a daily basis which, in my view, is something we all have and use every day without ever really thinking about it. If you are able to believe that the universe is made up of matter and energy, then is it not conceivable that life on earth is capable of tapping into or being affected by those energies and matter in more ways than just the usual 5 senses of taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell?

It’s worth having a think about times in the past when you have just “known” something, something that perhaps you and/or others put down to coincidence or funny timing. What was it that you just “knew”? How did you “know” it? Was it a feeling, a thought, a song you were listening to?

And, if you can’t think of a time why not have a go at this Quiz I found (link below) on PlayBuzz. You might be surprised at the results!


I got clairsentient which really wasn’t surprising to me at all. What did you get – do you agree?

A Perfect Night for a Spot of Moon-Bathing

With tomorrow’s Full Moon fast-approaching, as well as dry and fairly warm evenings even here in Manchester, what better time could there be for a spot of magical Moon-Bathing?


So many of us are sun-worshippers despite the potential risks associated with subjecting our skin too often to its strong and harmful rays.

Being fair-skinned with a healthy smattering of freckles, as you can imagine, I burn pretty quick even slathered in factor 50. I don’t use sunbeds and can’t abide the current fashion to fake-tan to wholly unnatural looking shades of brown and orange, so when I heard about Moon-Bathing, the phrase most definitely piqued my interest.

It’s pretty much exactly as it sounds but instead of heading for the beach in a bikini, you wrap up in your jammies and a dressing gown or onesie, pop on your slippers and relax in the garden or even by a window where the moon can be glimpsed from. Take a glass of wine, or if you’re off the booze like me, a nice, warming herbal tea.

Even if it’s cloudy and you can’t see the Moon, there’s still benefits you’ll notice immediately.

For me, I noticed how cool yet relaxing and peaceful it is out here tonight, when most people have retired indoors.

I also have a fantastic view of the Manchester skyline all lit up, contrasting beautifully with the quiet of the garden and my surrounding neighbourhood.

It was very soothing just to sit and watch the changing colours of the night-sky – and our friendly, neighbourhood bat flitting across it!

The birds too were still fairly noisy until around 10pm. After that, it was nice just to sit and meditate in this peaceful, gentle atmosphere without the chaos and noise that so often surrounds it during daylight hours.

Of course, I still heard distant traffic, sirens and aeroplanes but it all felt so hushed that it wasn’t all that noticeable.

Why not give it a try? Become a Moon-Bather and let me know what you think! πŸŒ›πŸŒ πŸŒŸβ­πŸŒœ

Quit Smoking: Day 5

Pleased to report that I’m still on the wagon on Day 5 of my cold turkey Quit Smoking journey!

Day 4 was probably the hardest so far just in terms of frequency of thinking about smoking but nothing too traumatic yet.

And that’s what has got me worried – I’ve had lots of cravings so far of course but nothing too bad. I feel like I’m waiting for an intense tsunami of a crave to hit because whilst quitting hasn’t been easy so far, neither has it been as hard as I thought it would be especially doing it cold turkey (CT).

Starting to make me wonder if NRT quit efforts in the past were actually made harder by prolonging the physical addiction to nicotine? With a CT quit, within 72 hours there is no nicotine left in the body whereas most NRT programmes suggest a 6 to 12 week course of treatment.

Physically, I’m over the worst if I stick it out as I plan to; it’s a mental game at this point, more an uncomfortable itch that cannot be scratched. This can be the tricky part of a quit though on the basis that the novelty of quitting is starting to wear off already.

To keep morale up both for myself and others on their own QS journey, the helpers and hindrances since my last update have been:


  • Daily yoga at a higher than usual intensity;
  • Messages of support from friends, family and other bloggers – a huge help so a massive thank you to each of you that have kindly reached out 😊
  • Trying to find the funny side instead of reacting negatively to normal daily challenges;
  • More toothpicks!
  • Paul McKenna QS hypnosis played at bedtime each night. You can get your own copy of this by clicking the image below:
Click the image to get your own copy of this – so far it’s worked for me!


  • Not sleeping well due to youngest daughter being unwell this week;
  • Being asked for a cig off a coworker I normally smoke with who didn’t know I’d quit;
  • Habit triggers, finishing a task, making a call, after a meal;
  • Random unexpected cravings – can catch me off guard!
  • Being where I’d usually smoke e.g. my back garden.

I love the humour in the following quote credited to Mark Twain:

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times”.

Mark Twain

Me too – hopefully now for the last time!

I do hope that this post encourages others on their own QS journey, however long or short it’s been, to take a moment today to remind themselves how fabulous they are – a total inspiration to me, each and every one of you x 🌻

What’s Top of Your Playlist Right Now?

What’s Top of Your Playlist?

My musical taste is probably best described as “eclectic”! In fact, it made me laugh driving to work this morning when straight after Slipknot’s Duality, my shuffled playlist leapt over to The Supremes and Babylove!

If I had to pick a favourite genre though, it would probably be grunge with my favourite band/singers being Nirvana and Hole/Courtney Love with their music really defining the early 90s for me and completely capturing my attention as a 10 year-old watching things like The Chart Show and Top of the Pops each week – we couldn’t afford Sky and MTV!

Then Brit-pop broke as a teenager so of course, being from Manchester, I loved bands like Oasis and The Verve as well as the other huge bands of the day such as Blur, Pulp and Catatonia.

From being around 14 years old I got massively into the whole “gangsta rap” genre, especially the already late-Tupac and soon after became a huge Eminem fan, finding a lot of similarities in his lyrics with my own life and background.

Once I got with my now-husband at 23, I adopted some of his musical tastes: skater-punk, heavy metal and nu-metal such as Linkin Park, Blink 187, Metallica, Deftones, as well as dabbling in the emo-scene myself with My Chemical Romance and Green Day’s American Idiot album particular favourites.

And in between all of these genres that I’ve identified with over the years, I’ve also loved completely random and unexpected songs and singers. Most recently, I’ve become pretty obsessed with Lewis Capaldi and his album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent – completely different to pretty much every example I’ve listed above – feel free to click on the image link below to easily get your own copy of what, quite frankly for me, has become my absolute, without a doubt, favourite album of the year so far.

If you’re not sure if you’ve heard of him, have a listen to Someone You Loved which has been everywhere this year along with the touching video featuring the famous Peter Capaldi, and an actual distant relative of Lewis’.

A personal favourite of mine and strongly recommended from the album is Forever.

Not only does Lewis Capaldi have a cracking voice and musical ear clearly, he is by far the funniest person in the music business that I’ve come across in years, more than willing to laugh at himself and not take himself so seriously – a refreshing trait in today’s music world. An example of this was how he handled Noel Gallagher’s recent comments when he came on at Glastonbury last weekend.

There’s tons more footage he’s filmed of himself on YouTube and social media, just having a laugh at himself and, whilst many people may scoff because he doesn’t “look” like your typical singer these days, honestly, he’s entertained me more than any other singer has in a long, long time. I’m completely besotted with him – I think even our Alexa’s getting sick of playing his album!

So it prompted me to ask – what’s at the top of your playlist right now and why?