For me, channelling just means receiving information whether by using tarot or oracle cards, crystals or journaling or any other means of receiving information and transmitting into a format that is understandable. Another way of describing this would be listening to your intuition, that inner voice that provides guidance or a “gut feeling”.

Sometimes, if I’m feeling out of sorts for no apparent reason I like to sit with a notepad or paper and either draw random shapes or symbols or just start writing about how I feel. Even if what I write or draw makes no sense at all afterwards, it always makes me feel better to try to express creatively whilst thinking about how I feel, sad or angry, hurt or confused.

Other times just sitting still and meditating or burning incense or even just listening to music whilst letting my thoughts wander where they want to can be a really helpful way of clearing my mind. Exercise is another tool so yoga in particular helps me if I’m all “in my head” or in a bad mood for some reason. In fact, the idea for this blog came about after a brisk walk around the block.

Some people like to get into a trance-like state using methods such as self-hypnosis or even hobbies to help bring about that lucid dreaming state of being. When I’m working in the garden on something I’m enjoying or even whilst building this site, I’ve completely lost track of time some days and that’s the kind of state of mind usually conducive to channelling – I’m sure you’ll have experienced it many times yourself whether or not you call it channelling or by some other name e.g. being in the “zone”, feeling connected or just day-dreaming.

I think that whatever method works for you is the best one but it definitely helps to try different methods – journaling is a very new thing for me in the last 6 months or so but has been a very freeing experience so far that has helped me to feel more creative and braver about sharing my creations with others regardless of any criticisms that may be received.

What are some of your favourite ways to tap into your inner voice and intuition?

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