About Us

This area is a breakdown of who we are at Holistic Living with Carla and what we’re all about.

So I’m Carla Michelle and Holistic Living with Carla is all about sharing ideas for getting back to a more simplistic way of life through connecting with ourselves personally, our friends and family, the local community, as well as the wider world generally.

On a personal level, I created the site as I’ve always enjoyed reading articles and blogs from many other internet contributors and wanted to start putting my own ideas and experiences out there in a more personalised way.  Throughout the site, I’ve tried to bring together a number of areas that I’ve found help me, (usually!) feel more balanced and grounded in my own life, physically, mentally and spiritually but these are of course by no means the only ways to live a more “holistic” life.

It has also helped me connect with my family and friends in an unexpected and fascinating way for me; by sharing our daily experiences, it’s been really beneficial for me to reflect back on the time we spend together making me feel more appreciative of that time with those most special to me.

What I hope to bring to both our online and offline community by Holistic Living with Carla, is a greater awareness of, and interaction with, what’s going on around us all, as a way to better balance our fast-paced, modern, chaotic lives with a slower, simpler way of living that embodies a work to live, rather than a live to work approach.  I’m as much learning how to do this as anyone, my own life being very much a work-in-progress!

So really, it’s all about learning to live as a happier, healthier you!