April 2019

April 2019

28 April 2019

A weekend of two halves! Leaving work on Friday afternoon and breaking down on the dual carriageway, having to be towed to a local garage was not the best start to the weekend to put it mildly. Finishing the weekend off on Sunday by buying the girls a new guinea pig each, helped even things out.

So this weekend has had a fairly spontaneous feel to it really and there’s been real highs and lows.

We’d been thinking of getting a new pet for a long time now but as there’s already some well-established wild-life in the garden, we had to adjust our plans and go for guinea pigs instead.

Building this website has taken up a lot of the weekend for me too (whilst Lee spent time with a friend on Saturday night), which has been both fun and crazy-making at times.

I’ve been really reminded of the Yiddish Proverb,

Men plan, God laughs!”

Current mood: Trying to tell myself the car trouble is just “one of them things”! Let’s see what the new week brings.

Much Love x

Carla Michelle

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