Which Mythical Creature Guards You?

Hands Up – Who’s Ready for Another Quiz?

Time for another quiz guys – this time it’s to figure out which mythical creature might be your guardian.

I got Pegasus – the flying horse of Greek mythology – the Greeks did do mythology particularly well! What about you? Who’s your mythical guardian creature?



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All about that holistic good life baby - body, mind and soul! Whether it's home-cooking, arts and crafts, astrology and tarot, gardening, yoga and meditation, connecting with nature or saving the planet, I'm all about connecting with the world and people around me in a way that is fun, balanced and helps others build and share ideas on living their best holistic life too.

3 thoughts on “Which Mythical Creature Guards You?

  1. Hey, Pegasus hereπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    “Whenever life throws you a curve ball, remember that you are guarded by the Pegasus. Being guarded by the child of Poseidon is a special distinction, and you should always listen to the noble and fearless advice your Pegasus has to offer. After all, any being that defeated Chimera certainly has your best interests at heart!” – I received this

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