A Perfect Night for a Spot of Moon-Bathing

With tomorrow’s Full Moon fast-approaching, as well as dry and fairly warm evenings even here in Manchester, what better time could there be for a spot of magical Moon-Bathing?


So many of us are sun-worshippers despite the potential risks associated with subjecting our skin too often to its strong and harmful rays.

Being fair-skinned with a healthy smattering of freckles, as you can imagine, I burn pretty quick even slathered in factor 50. I don’t use sunbeds and can’t abide the current fashion to fake-tan to wholly unnatural looking shades of brown and orange, so when I heard about Moon-Bathing, the phrase most definitely piqued my interest.

It’s pretty much exactly as it sounds but instead of heading for the beach in a bikini, you wrap up in your jammies and a dressing gown or onesie, pop on your slippers and relax in the garden or even by a window where the moon can be glimpsed from. Take a glass of wine, or if you’re off the booze like me, a nice, warming herbal tea.

Even if it’s cloudy and you can’t see the Moon, there’s still benefits you’ll notice immediately.

For me, I noticed how cool yet relaxing and peaceful it is out here tonight, when most people have retired indoors.

I also have a fantastic view of the Manchester skyline all lit up, contrasting beautifully with the quiet of the garden and my surrounding neighbourhood.

It was very soothing just to sit and watch the changing colours of the night-sky – and our friendly, neighbourhood bat flitting across it!

The birds too were still fairly noisy until around 10pm. After that, it was nice just to sit and meditate in this peaceful, gentle atmosphere without the chaos and noise that so often surrounds it during daylight hours.

Of course, I still heard distant traffic, sirens and aeroplanes but it all felt so hushed that it wasn’t all that noticeable.

Why not give it a try? Become a Moon-Bather and let me know what you think! šŸŒ›šŸŒ šŸŒŸā­šŸŒœ

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