The Gratitude Game #1

#1. What Are You Most Grateful for Today?

Even the most optimistic of us gets a bit down every now and again and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all in my opinion. I’m not someone who thinks that life has to always be sunshine and rainbows to be enjoyed to the max – indeed if life was always like this, I imagine it would be rather dull.

So when I felt my mood take a downward-dip today, whilst I can’t say I was delighted by the prospect, neither was it a complete surprise or entirely unwelcome. It was actually a good opportunity to practice what I preach and play a round of the “Gratitude Game“.

How to Play:

Very simple – grab yourself a pen and paper and jot down the following question:

What am I most grateful for today?

Then, just jot down a list of 3 things that you genuinely feel grateful for. I prefer to go for really specific things for that day rather than generals such as say clean water, fresh air, roof over my head, etc, because, whilst of course I am grateful for all of those things, it really helps me “feel” grateful when I link my gratitude list to specific events in that particular day.

So my list, for example, today included:

  1. Being able to work from home – after driving about 250 miles in the last 2 days, I was glad to just sit at my dining room table staying in one place all day!
  2. Restorative yoga practice – after a fairly intense 10 days of power yoga, it was nice to have a chilled, restorative practice on the calendar today – much needed.
  3. A present – my uncle had bought himself, me and the girls a colouring book each, designed by his favourite artist, Anne Stokes, ( that we can all do together which arrived from Australia today, brightening my day considerably.

So, whilst I wasn’t quite at my usual base-line happiness level, taking a few minutes to sit and think about the good things that happened to me today definitely raised my spirits a bit without me trying to suppress the “meh” feeling either. It made “meh” more manageable!

There’s loads of different questions to ask yourself that can be more specific but this is a good one to get you started. Why not have a go and see for yourself and/or share this with a friend or family member to brighten up their day too 🙂


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