The Magick of Herbs – The E’s & F’s

The E’s & F’s

It’s that time of the week again folks when we add another letter (or two!) to our Magickal Herbs Directory. This week, as I only had one ingredient to hand for the E’s, it’s a double-whammy as we examine the F’s too.

To check out the previous week’s edition, which links right the way back to the A’s if you follow it far enough, head here first:

Whether you seek love, confidence, wealth, health or happiness or to connect with your Higher Power, this week there’s something for everyone…


Related to the daisy, this herb has been used in love spells for centuries and, along with a couple of other herbs, was used to create the well-known “Medieval True Love Powder”. There’s also a link to the elf and fae folk in that if someone was said to be inexplicably fatigued they were thought to be “elf-shot”. Sprinkle in the garden to encourage elves and fae to visit or add to love spells for attracting your true love.

Fennel Seeds

So many uses for this wonder-herb. It can be chewed before giving a speech to encourage confidence and courage or used in a drink or as food seasoning to help combat cravings so perhaps helpful when dieting. In a tea or inhaled it provides clarity and focus so good when revising for tests or exams. Historically, hung over the door of a house to protect the occupants against witchcraft.

Fenugreek Seeds

Known for its ability to attract wealth, health and happiness and to protect against poverty, add some crushed seeds to water and use as a floor-wash or take an empty jar, adding a couple of seeds every day until it is full – once it is full you should receive the abundance you seek. As soon as you have received your bounty, it is said that the seeds should be returned to the ground so bury outside if you wish to remain abundant.


Another herb known for its prosperity and abundance attracting qualities, flaxseed can also be used, maybe in conjunction with fenugreek seeds as described above, placed in a jar next to the place you sleep (obviously however out of the reach of children) to protect your dreams from nightmares or, as this herb was known as the guardian of children, used in spells, charms or amulets for fertility or to bless/protect a child.


Probably the most pungent of the herbs in today’s list and my favourite. It reminds me of attending church when I was younger and the Nativity Story of course, so unsurprising that it is strongly associated with spirituality, protection, exorcism, consecration and banishing negativity but its links to these uses go right back to ancient times. Frankincense is often crushed and burned with other herbs and resins to cleanse an often sacred area but another use is as an anointing oil when mixed with a carrier and/or other oils.

Short and sweet this week, which is just as well as after my drive across the moors from Manchester to Barnsley and back to see a student today, I’m feeling fairly “elf-shot” myself!

Next week, we’ll continue our journey with the G’s…

As with any remedy or medicine, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before beginning to work with any herbs listed.

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