Blogging Stats: Week 4

Blogging Stats: Week 4

This is a rolling-post so for those of you who want to check out Blogging Stats: Week 1-Week 3, head there first (links below) as Week 1 especially contains a breakdown of my understanding of the terminology, which as a newbie blogger can feel a bit like learning a foreign language:

Weeks 1-3 Links:

Average daily visitors: 20 visitors

Following a strategy alteration, Week 4 saw these drop down from 30 to 20 per day. I’m happy with this figure as I had to drop the number of daily posts down from 2 to 1 as it was becoming too much. As such, I’d expected this figure to drop down to 15 i.e. half what it had been, so to have only dropped by a third, I didn’t think that this was too bad.

Average daily views: 31 views

Another movement down in Week 4 from 50 views per day to 31 but factoring in the total post per day drop again to be expected. Again above what I was expecting of 25 per day with better interaction on posts made.

Average daily Views Per Visitor (VPV): 1.6 article views per visitor

This remains at 1.6 so apart from a jump up to 2.3 in Week 2, 1.6 VPV seems stable considering drop in posts per day this week and gives me a good base line to work from going forward.

Average new daily followers: 2.6 new followers

Up slightly from 2.5 last week but again factoring in the unexpected strategy change very happy with this.

Average daily likes: 13 daily likes

Slight drop down from 13.5 to 13 but again with drop in posts per day still relatively stable.

Social media referrals: Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, Instagram, Search Engines and Mail Signups

Only 109 referrals this week, down 60 on last week, so a fairly big drop. I’ve no ads running on social media currently and don’t intend to start anymore for a few weeks so this may explain this downturn. Will be worth keeping this under review and fine-tuning social media strategy in the coming weeks.

Instagram remains in the 125-ish mark although it fluctuates up and down at times and no new Facebook likes this week but again, without ads running, I think to be expected.

Average posts per day: 1 average post daily

Despite giving the Editorial Calendar a whirl last week, it just became too much to post twice per day and I really felt that I was compromising quality for quantity which led to a mid-week about turn to aim for one high quality post per day. I’d toyed with the idea last week but didn’t want to see my stats drop (which they inevitably did!). However much happier with the quality and content put out this week and the stats didn’t drop as much as expected.

Other Points:

Kept up with the relationship building on WordPress with other bloggers which is one of my favourite parts of being a blogger, getting to interact with people all over the world on a multitude of different topics and coming across articles I might otherwise never have seen. Also, remained an active part of the Facebook bloggers’ group which has also seen some referrals that I might otherwise never have got, as well as being another source of interesting articles to read myself.

The Editorial Calendar was a really helpful exercise for me as it helped me to identify that 2 quality posts per day whilst working full time and being married with 2 kids, really wasn’t feasible for me anymore. Not only was the quality of content compromised but I was completely exhausted, not always 100% happy with the posts I was putting out and, truthfully, not enjoying blogging at break-neck speed! Since I changed strategy on Friday when I purposely chose to post nothing all day being completely shattered, I feel much happier, healthier and less tired – win!

I also completely re-hauled Instagram this week, following advice I’ve read on the internet or watched on YouTube to think about layout of posts on there. For this, I’ve downloaded the free version of the Preview app – this has been of limited assistance but it did help to give me a better idea how posts will look before uploading to Instagram and I’m much happier with my Insta profile now – feel free to check it out and follow:

Plan going forward? To refine my first Editorial Calendar to incorporate one good quality post per day based on how much I enjoy writing the content and how well certain posts are received. I intend to make better use of the scheduling feature to again better manage time and energy so that I use more of my weekends to prepare the weekly content and then spread this out over the week.

I also want to stay an active part of the blogging community every day as this has been a real source of support to me these last 4 weeks. I love that we’re all on our own blogging journey, travelling it in our own unique way.

That brings us to the end of our 4-part weekly Blogging Stats. Looking forward to getting stuck into the more technical side of blogging in future editions.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read, like, share, comment or follow based on this 4-part feature. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of and I wish you all the best with your own fabulous blogging journey x

It goes without saying that as I only launched my first blog 4 weeks ago, I have no doubt made several errors above, however, these are my insights based on my understanding at the time of writing

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