Crystal Reading for You

Crystal Reading for You

Having felt a bit out of sorts myself recently, this morning I decided to consult the crystals for some divine guidance and insights on how to remedy this.

As always, however, I focused on us all as the collective and asked what we could all do this week to feel at our best and brightest.

I like to do my crystal readings similar to a rune reading, but instead of runes, I draw a selection of tumbler crystals in one handful from their drawstring bag and note which crystals are plentiful, which are not and any other observations that I feel are relevant.

The green (and pink) are the most frequently occurring crystals and relate to the heart chakra – this suggests to me that loving connections are strong at this time. Remember that love relates to all relationship types, not just romantic love.

There were also a fair amount of clear crystals which I use to denote the crown chakra and spiritual connections. This area also seems well-balanced and in terms of their proximity to other crystals, they landed, in the main, close to the green crystals suggesting heart and spirit are working well and are in alignment currently.

Having made these observations, I placed the crystals into their chakra order, to better get a feel for lower energies.

Adjusting the crystals like this, really shows off where there may be imbalance in energies with both yellow and purple/indigo crystals limited to just one crystal each. These represent your “blockages”.

The yellow crystal represents the solar plexus (the area in the energetic body that is found a couple of inches above the navel).

When this chakra is blocked common symptoms include bad decisions, lowered energy levels, an increase in nervousness and anxiety and a lowered immune system as well as digestive issues.

Conversely, you will know this chakra is unblocked when you feel more joyful, self-assured and confident, a sense of integrity and personal power.

The purple/indigo crystal relates to your third eye (area in between your eyebrows).

If this chakra is blocked it can lead to feelings of depression or other difficult mental health issues, an overall feeling of despair, a loss of hope.

An unblocked third eye chakra causes us to have greater awareness and perception in our day-to-day lives, a better perspective, understanding and a clearer vision as to how to achieve your goals and dreams. A feeling of being in touch with your intuition and your inner knowing.

The Takeaway: Unblocking these two chakras is the key to improving health and wellness for you this week. Mental health needs to be a key focus for you.

This means a need to do the kinds of things that help with this such as self-care, eating healthily, avoiding junk foods, getting sufficient sleep where possible, gentle exercise, your favourite relaxation activities and staying away from too much social media, avoiding over-indulgence in alcohol, not smoking, drinking more water and taking medication as prescribed.

You may wish to access meditations (many free ones available on YouTube and similar apps) that specifically deal with unblocking these chakras but remember, the helpfulness of this activity will only be as good as the steps you take to improve your mental health across the board.

Crystals linked to chakra realignments of the solar plexus and third eye include: Citrine, Yellow Topaz, Pyrite, Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, Sugilite, Clear Quartz, Charoite and Tanzanite

This week then is a time to do the things that you know are good for your mental health.

I hope that you have enjoyed your crystal reading – private sessions are available via the Contact Us page or our Facebook page.

For more information on crystals please see:

For more information on chakras please see:

Be sure to speak with your individual healthcare practitioner before beginning any new routines and practices, particularly where you have an existing condition or illness.


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