Do Your Angels Have a Message for You?

Do Your Angels Have a Message for You?

Whether you believe in angels or not, it can be comforting to believe that we are not alone and that loved ones are watching over us, guiding us and providing comfort and reassurance, even in our darkest moments.

After a very difficult day myself, I felt inspired this evening to check in with my Angel Messages deck for a bit of divine guidance and dedicate this reading to all of us going through our own particular difficulties at this current time.

Leuuiah’s message is to remember that oftentimes our greatest pains give way to our greatest triumphs. Try to take comfort in knowing that everything happening is happening for a reason and for your highest good, even though it may not seem that way right now.

The message from Lecabel is that whilst you are currently bearing your trials well, everyone has a breaking point. Take refuge and a needed break from this difficult situation by taking part in something that soothes your soul. The answer to your difficulty will come in divine timing.

Menadel’s message is of divine love and protection from loved ones either far away from us at this time or no longer with us on this earthly plane. You already have the tools you need to help you through your difficulties along with the love and support of your angel messengers.

Ieilael’s message is that you are carrying a heavy burden but try not to let these worries overwhelm you. You are a loving, sincere soul who would benefit greatly from taking solace in some loving self-care and maybe treating yourself to something you enjoy to lift your heavy spirit.

I do hope that these messages provide you with some words of comfort and support. To me, the overall message is one of accepting you are in a difficulty, trusting the universe that all will work out well when the time is right and to be gentle with yourself until then.

The best thing you can do at the current time is to ride out the storm, knowing that there is a valuable lesson for you in these difficult times but to do what you can to ease the burden. Practise self-love and self-care, nurturing yourself and treating yourself kindly and in a way that will help you navigate through these stormy seas. Don’t expect too much of yourself at this time and, as it always does, the sun will shine again and the way forward will become clear when the time is right. Know that you are loved and supported always.

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