Blogging Stats: Week 2

Blogging Stats: Week 2

This is a rolling-post so for those of you who want to check out Blogging Stats: Week 1, head there first (link below) as it contains a breakdown of my understanding of the terminology, which as a newbie blogger can feel a bit like learning a foreign language:

Average daily visitors: 15 visitors

After Week 2, again I’m relatively pleased with how the blog is progressing. The blog jumped up from only 12 visitors last Sunday and then stayed somewhere between 17 and 20 visitors per day for the next 4 days. Then Saturday saw the best number of visitors since launch on May 18 – jumping from 20 to 39 – practically doubling in one day!

My results for Week 2 were around 15 unique visitors per day to my blog. This has dropped 5 per day since Week 1 but, thinking about it, my figures are only an average and so some of Week 1’s visitors will have been from launch day which was something of an anomaly and therefore I’m relatively happy with 15 unique visitors per day in Week 2.

I should be able to better compare this next week.

Average daily views: 35 views

Up 5 from Week 1 which was 30 so can’t complain! The positive thing here is not only have we consistently hit 30 visitors for a fortnight but we’ve managed to increase it by 5 per day on average.

Average daily Views Per Visitor (VPV): 2.3 article views per visitor

I was really pleased with this result. You may have seen from last week’s stats that this was only 1.5 VPV in Week 1 so this shows an increase of around 0.8. I also mentioned that last week I’d hoped each visitor would read at least 2 articles and so I’d been disappointed with the results. However, this week’s stats made up for it with each unique visitor reading 2.3 articles so it’s important not to get too attached to weekly results and give up too soon!

Average new daily followers: 2 new followers

This remains the same and stable so again can’t complain!

Average daily likes: 10 daily likes

This has also jumped up from 2 to 10 so up 8 likes per day – very happy with this result too.

Average daily social media referrals: Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, Instagram, Search Engines and Mail Signups

To simplify this, I’ve changed how I’m recording this with Week 1 being collectively 165 referrals and Week 2 being collectively 258 referrals so a great result! This shows that my social media strategy is not only working but improving with practice so don’t be afraid to change your tactics to improve your figures. It will be interesting to see how this changes next week…

Average posts per day: 2 average posts daily

I actually wanted to decrease this figure but the stats called for an increase and change in strategy with one post in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening to keep the interest. The way I’ve worked round this is to try to keep one post short and the other more detailed so that it’s more manageable on my time and energy.

Other Points:

One of my Facebook ads from the site launch has expired whilst the Baby Foxes video paid ad is doing most well, now getting shares off viewers so hopes that it could go viral! For those of you who missed the video of this gorgeous family of foxes check it out and feel free to share:

For anyone who has reacted to the video ad, I’ve also invited them to join the Facebook page and a couple have which was pleasantly surprising. I hope that they find more enjoyable content on the Facebook page and the main site and I’m grateful to them for joining us.

One of my more successful strategies this week has been to prepare and post my own ads to social media – this has really helped promote interest at no extra cost other than my time so it’s a question of whether you have the time or money and which perform best.

I’ve also been able to identify the better performing articles and content: astrology and divination seem to perform well, as does the home and garden content. I’ve also been able to throw in a few random posts that have done quite well too unexpectedly. This will all help shape the site going forward so a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the site so far.


Overall, I am really pleased with Week 2 progress; the blog continues to grow quicker than anticipated, as have social media followers with more interaction from the audience far sooner than expected. The best stat this week was the VPV increase. In essence, pretty much across the board the stats have either stayed stable or improved so I’m a very happy blogger this week!

Strategy going forward for me will be to continue with building relationships and contacts with both fellow-bloggers and all who support my blog which will hopefully lead to a mutually beneficial writer/audience relationship. I’m also looking to include more weekly features like this one for the more popular content, so let me know in the comments if you’ve a favourite.

I intend to take another weekly inventory next Sunday where a comparison with Week 1 and Week 2 can be made. I hope that you can join me then if any of this has helped. If you’re a blogger, let me know how your Week 2 has been in the comments and let’s continue on our blogging journey together.

Until next week….

It goes without saying that as I only launched my first blog 2 weeks ago, I have no doubt made several errors above, however, these are my insights based on my understanding at the time of writing

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    1. Hey great to hear from a fellow blogger on their journey! I’m sure there will be ups and downs for us but as long as we enjoy the journey, that’s what counts. I’ve followed back so that we can support each other every step of the way. Good luck with progressing with your goals x

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