Goddess Card Reading for You

Goddess Card Reading for You

Lucky 3 Spread – Past, Present & Future

The results are in – the most popular Lucky 3 Spread was relating to past, present and future energies using the Goddess Cards Deck. Enjoy!

Here the cards are shuffled whilst meditating on the energies and spread selected…

After shuffling, the deck is cut 3 times…

The card in Your Past Energy is A woman who honours her body as the sacred temple of the Spirit of Life“….

I felt very strongly with this card an ancestral link, perhaps with an older female or someone who is no longer with us. Someone who is/was physically fit and healthy and works hard to look after herself. This could be a message to follow their example and take better care of yourself physically.

Your Present Energy card is “I am awakening to a great feminine spirit. She who lives within me flows through me and connects me with all of life”.

With this card, you may be becoming more spiritually aware at this present time, perhaps preferring to spend time outdoors walking, gardening or just enjoying sitting outside with a nice glass of wine now the weather is improving. Check in with how you feel when you are outside – do you feel more calm, more connected, more you? If so, that’s your message, do more of that! If not, then maybe your message is to find a way to work with nature in a way that works for you to tap into that connectivity.

Your Future Energy card is “It is safe for you to be powerful. You know how to be powerful in a loving way that benefits others as well as yourself”.

This card suggests that, if matters progress on their current path, you may find yourself feeling insecure or dimming your shine for fear of upsetting others. This card tells you that you should embrace your power as you already know how to be powerful in a way that both you and your loved ones benefit from. The image on the card to me is one of a female elf and elves are of course known for their legendary cleverness and magical abilities.


You should shortly be feeling more powerful, stronger and confident in yourself and your abilities – everything will begin to feel more magical! Before you can tap into this new and improved you, however, you will have to look to a strong, feminine influence from your past and follow her example to look after your body and physical health.

It may be helpful to spend more time outdoors, maybe at a place you both enjoyed visiting together, or taking part in a joint interest such as gardening or walking. By focusing on improvements to your physical health and well being, you will naturally start to feel more confident and powerful and will be able to call on your pre-existing knowledge of how to wield that power in a way that is loving to you and those around you.

I hope that you enjoyed your Goddess Card Reading

Until next time…


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