Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

Want to discover how to bring your inner Goddess out to play? Join us tonight over at for your full read.

There are 2 options available for the Lucky 3 Spread – head over to and join the poll now. The poll closes at 6:00 pm tonight so if you’re interested, make sure you vote asap to be sure of getting your chosen reading:

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Lucky 3 Spread
  • Past, Present, Future Lucky 3 Spread

This Goddess Oracle deck has been created by Emma Mildon, a well-respected author in the spiritual community, who I was lucky enough to come across in a feature on Emma and her deck in Soul & Spirit magazine and which I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.

The deck is full of beautiful images that instantly make me think of fairy tales, myths and legends and help me tune into the authentic “me” on a daily basis. Their messages are both inspiring and a gentle reminder to connect with our inner goddess to live our lives according to that inner voice, rather than the way we are “supposed” to live.

And just because they are called “goddess” cards does not mean that their insightful messages are only open to girls and women. As with all things, to be balanced there must be an equal balance of opposing forces, masculine and feminine, dark and light, day and night. For men, this deck provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with your feminine side which has to help you get along better with the “goddesses” in your life!

So why not head over to our Facebook page and register your vote now and then tune in tonight to Holistic Living With Carla to see the results and access your full read?


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All about that holistic good life baby - body, mind and soul! Whether it's home-cooking, arts and crafts, astrology and tarot, gardening, yoga and meditation, connecting with nature or saving the planet, I'm all about connecting with the world and people around me in a way that is fun, balanced and helps others build and share ideas on living their best holistic life too.

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