Blogging Stats: Week 1

Blog Stats Report: Week 1

One week after launching my blog, Holistic Living With Carla, and so far it’s been a pleasant surprise. The site’s far surpassed anything I expected in the first week, so I wanted to share my results with you so that you can see what I’ve found has worked for me and which I hope might help other newbie bloggers out with reviewing their stats.

Average daily visitors: 20 visitors

My very basic understanding of the stats is that “visitors” means how many unique visitors have visited your blog. Think of it as if your blog is your house or a shop – how many different people came to visit today?

My results for Week 1 were around 20 unique visitors per day to my blog. Keep in mind that some of these will be friends and family members. Given that I hadn’t even expected half this many, I considered this a surprising success.

Average daily views: 30 views

Daily views, as I understand it, is how many of the articles on your blog were reviewed in total by each unique visitor. I believe that this stat is vital in blogging because once you’ve managed to persuade a busy reader to spend their time reading one of your articles, and actually got them to your blog, you’ve more chance of them returning another day to read more of your work if you kept their interest. Your ideal blog visitor you are aiming to attract with your content, is a visitor who returns to your blog regularly not the one-off visitor, although remember, even the one-off visitors still add to the stats once.

Average daily Views Per Visitor (VPV): 1.5 article views per visitor

By dividing your daily views by your visitors per day you calculate your VPV or views per visitor. This tells you roughly how many articles on your blog each unique visitor has seen, the higher the better as it shows whether they are interested in more of what you have to say.

Week 1 results for me here were I felt not as good – I was hoping that each visitor would read at least 2 articles per visit, so falling just short of my expectations. A strategy to improve this might be to become more niche and limit/increase the range of different types of article or the content of the articles. Another might be to continue with the current strategy and compare stats next week before deciding on any adjustments.

Average new daily followers: 2 new followers

When a unique visitor who hasn’t followed your blog before, actively chooses to be sent updates whenever you blog new material, presumably because they like your content and style, and don’t want to miss any of it these become your new daily followers. These folk are your audience who have kindly given you a vote of confidence by opting into receive your updates and more likely to return to your site to see what’s new, if they continue to like your work. These unique visitor-turned-followers can progress into communities or members of your blog in due course.

I have been amazed to see that in Week 1, the blog already has 11 followers which averages out 1-2 new followers every day. As you’ll see below in the Referrers section, these have mainly been Facebook, referred from my Facebook page, or, WordPress Reader, from other bloggers themselves. The Facebook followers are probably explained by so much sharing to my personal platform when I first launched the blog but before I’d built a Facebook page for it, and are from massively supportive family and friends who have backed the blog from the start. To see the response from the blogging community themselves however has been genuinely flattering – to receive a positive response from these highly talented and creative folks has felt high praise indeed and very much appreciated as well as motivating. I would highly recommend returning the favour and checking out your followers content both on the reader and their website and showing your support for them.

Average daily likes: 2 daily likes

Daily likes means how many of your blog articles received a “Like” in that day. An indicator of how well that particular blog was received. It could lead you to develop a strategy round a regular feature or popular content-type to target future similar likes.

For me, 2 daily likes of my blog articles has been hugely satisfying and something I’m taking as a success. It’s helped me to see which of the blog content and media is most popular, to better help me deliver my blog in a way that seems most likely to resonate with my audience. Again, I would suggest reviewing your likes and heading over to their page to see if any of their content meets your liking to demonstrate your mutual support of one another. By networking with and supporting likes made by fellow-bloggers, it could also lead to you both becoming followers of one another, increasing stats further.

Average daily social media referrals: Facebook (2), WordPress (2), Pinterest (1), Instagram (1) and Mail Signups (0)

Daily referrals whereby people are “driven” to your blog via the medium of social media sites. Others used include Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and the like and you can use as many or as few as you wish. Used correctly, it can be a valuable source of either free or paid advertising for your blog.

My stats for this Week 1 combined daily social media referrals were 6 – that’s up to 6 visitors per day being taken to my blog because of something that caught their eye on social media. My suggestion, pick your favourites and learn how to use well any that you think will help guide traffic to your blog. I’ve learnt how to use Instagram this week which has been an eye-opener! I’ve also built a Facebook page and converted my Pinterest account to a business account for the blog. I’ve learned how to use tons of new features that I didn’t even know existed until this week across all platforms and started to notice how each have their own quirks, advantages and disadvantages depending on their social media type and purpose. The hope with a referral of course is that you hope it becomes a like, or even better, a follower. Refer back to the advice above if it does.

Average posts per day: 1.3 average posts daily

Knowing your average daily post count is useful for helping you track how often you need to blog to retain your relevance in the blogging world. There does seem to be an art to this, however, so its important that the quality of your posts are not compromised by the quantity of them. You don’t want to annoy a follower so much that they stop following you. It’s suggested to try to post consistently so if you cannot commit to posting daily that’s fine, but try to be consistent so that if you can only blog once or twice per week, stick to doing so on the same/day or time so that your followers can better anticipate when your new content will be available.

1.3 average daily posts has been difficult to keep up with for me with working full time and having a family and house to run too. Because, I blog for a hobby, it has sometimes been hard to throttle back on posting out of sheer eagerness. I have taken this to be something that will naturally reduce and settle to maybe 1 post per day or 7 posts a week over the next few weeks once the novelty wears off. I don’t think I could keep this pace up long term – it’s been thrilling but exhausting!

Other Points: Paid advertising and social media invites

I would also add that I’ve paid around £20.00 on Facebook ads to promote the blogging site and a video of some little baby foxes from my garden that has proven popular to boost blog visitor numbers.

What I’ve tried to avoid is inviting existing contacts from my personal social media accounts too much unless they’ve shown an interest, other than when I initially launched the blog. I’ve decided to try not to mix the two focusing on updates generally being to the business rather than my personal social media accounts.


Overall, I am really pleased with Week 1 progress; the blog has grown quicker than anticipated as have social media followers with more interaction from the audience far sooner than expected.

Strategy going forward for me will be to continue with building relationships and contacts with both fellow-bloggers and all who support my blog which will hopefully lead to a mutually beneficial writer/audience relationship. I intend to take another weekly inventory next Sunday where a comparison with Week 1 can be made. I hope that you can join me then if any of this has helped. If you’re a blogger, let me know how your first week’s been/was in the comments and let’s continue on our blogging journey together 🙂

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