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Carla Michelle of Holistic Living With Carla smiling woman
That would be me!

Hello and Welcome to the Site!

Having flirted with the idea of creating my own virtual world for a while now, I’ve finally taken that first, scary but exciting step into the wonderful world of blogging – thanks for joining me!

When I first decided to start blogging, the first question was – what about? I thought about this myself a bit and then involved the family for their input. The great thing was we all seemed to be in agreement – something of a rarity in our house!

We all agreed that it was something which we’d all like to be involved in, to varying degrees, and that it made sense for us to write about our favourite things that made us feel happy and healthy. As you’ll see from the Menu, these include a category on Home & Garden, one on Yoga & Meditation and one for Astrology & Divination.

Take a tour of the site from our Home page which has our most recent blogs and posts to our About Us page. We’re always interested in new ideas or content that you’d like to see more of here at Holistic Living with Carla so we’d love to hear from you via our Contact Us page.

Learning to live a happy, healthy and holistic life is by no means something that I have mastered – indeed I seem to find something new to surprise me every week from other internet sites whether bloggers, authors or YouTube contributors. This site really is just to share things that I believe others might find helpful or interesting so feel free to get involved.

Namasté x

Carla Michelle

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